Frequently Asked Questions

When do sellers receive payment for sales?

Payments are made directly to the sellers' PayPal, Stripe (for credit card billing) or cryptocurrency account when a sale is made, so there is no wait time for sellers to receive their payments for sales.

Are there any fees to list my digital products for sale?

VendBits allows sellers to list images, audio, video, data and text for sale within its marketplace. Vendbits requires payment in the form of upload tokens to upload video files. All other media types, images, audio, data and text are free to upload. All sales are subject to a 10% sales fee, due to VendBits the following month.

How are CryptoCurrency orders handled?

Once an order is placed using Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash, the buyer has 24 hours for the payment to clear. If payment is not received in 24 hours, the order is automatically cancelled. Addresses are reused (assigned to buyer for payment) after an order is completed or cancelled.